NASHVILLE, TENN. – Jan. 4, 2017

Asurion, the global connected life services company, today announced that its protection plans featuring Soluto® premier tech help were selected as a 2017 Impact! Award winner by consumer technology retail industry magazine Dealerscope. The award honors the industry’s most innovative tech products that help retailers drive retail shopper traffic and consumer electronics sales. Readers from across the industry chose the Impact! Award winners via popular vote.

Asurion protection plans featuring Soluto premier tech help expanded into the retail market nationwide in 2016, revolutionizing the traditional tech support category by providing one-click instant access to highly skilled U.S.-based Soluto tech experts, via phone or live chat, to help solve technology issues and questions that customers may have with their covered tech. Unlike traditional tech support, there are virtually no transfers or waiting on hold, and there’s no tech question too big or small – regardless of the tech device’s brand, operating system or platform.

Together with Soluto tech help, Asurion protection plans help grow retail revenue, reduce remorse returns of electronics and increase shopper loyalty to the retailer brand, according to Asurion research.

“Our bundled protection plans featuring Soluto premium tech help provide next-generation protection and tech help services that enrich customers’ connected lives by helping them to learn and grow with their ever-evolving technology,” said Rob DiRocco, senior vice president, Asurion Retail Solutions.  “There are a lot of basic tech support services in the market, but Asurion’s premier tech help uniquely integrates with product coverage to aid today’s retail customers in buying the right connected products and continually optimizing their use.”

This allows Asurion a unique vantage point in meeting the needs of today’s retail customers who are struggling with which connected tech devices to purchase and how best to use them.”

Whether setting up streaming services on a new smart TV or connecting a smart thermostat to a tablet, Asurion’s Soluto tech experts can help customers get the most from their connected devices and apps. The Soluto service actively engages with customers throughout their technology journey to help them learn and grow with their devices, from purchase through renewal.

Asurion, the global leader in technology protection and support, provides Soluto premium tech help to 42 million U.S. customers a year, including providing proactive tips to help customers get the most out of their technology and keep it running smoothly.

Better Tech. Better Living. ™

The Connected Home industry is exploding, with shoppers purchasing increasingly interconnected consumer electronics and appliances. And while shoppers want to take advantage of these new connected products, a high percentage of them end up returning the products because they fail to meet expectations.

More than a third of consumers say that technology has already become too complicated to set up, program, and troubleshoot without help from a professional, according to analyst firm IDC. Further, half of smart home device owners already experience problems with at least one device monthly, according to IoT research leader Park Associates. These customer frustrations are only likely to grow. By 2020, the number of connected devices will grow to 50 billion from 6.4 billion today, according to Gartner, the world’s leading technology research company. Asurion protection plans with access to Soluto helps customers reduce frustrations and get the most out of their tech.

About Asurion

Simply put, Asurion helps people stay connected. As the global leader of connected life services, we provide more than 290 million consumers around the world with simple, intuitive technology advice to help them get the most from their devices; support to fix their issues and connectivity crises, and device protection to ensure they receive a replacement or repair. When a product is missing or simply doesn’t work properly, Asurion’s 17,000 employees are focused on solving the problem with people and processes operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, speaking six languages, and working across any device, platform, or provider. By partnering with leading retailers, mobile carriers and pay-tv providers, Asurion helps customers enhance their lives through their technology. For more information about Asurion, please visit

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For more than 20 years, Asurion’s innovation and dedication to delighting customers has made it the preferred provider of technology protection to the world’s largest wireless carriers, trusted retailers and popular device manufacturers.


Asurion’s 17,000 global employees support its 280 million consumers with an award-winning experience delivered through products and services that have set the standard in the industry.